I’m Fabiane Alves, world citizen.

I love art, culture, style, fashion, trends, travels, designs, books, illustrations – and inspirations.

I am Brazilian, descendant of Japanese (father’s family), graduated Bachelor in Tourism at one State University in Brazil. I really enjoy studying and learning new languages, at moment I’m struggling to learn my fourth language: German.

After my graduation, and a life of hard work, adventures and travels, I settled down in Germany for an obvious reason: my love is German and he’s brought me.

One year after I graduated, I was already working as civil servant, and stability didn’t mean much to me, even in an unstable country like Brazil. I was unsatisfied with the salary and the fact that I didn’t have a career plan, so I quit this job and went to work traveling. It was the best thing I did in my life!

I was always passionate about traveling, and I managed to accomplish my dream of traveling the world, in 2014 when I first traveled abroad to work, being 35 countries that I know today. And it was from then on that I managed to achieve other dreams, like speaking fluent English, to learn another new language – currently the German, to live in Germany and diverse other things.

After I traveled abroad a lot, I felt like sharing trips and experiences.

Welcome to this space, I hope you enjoy it and feel inspired too!

My travel map  😛

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I’ve been in 35 countries of United Nations (18.1%) of a totally 193.