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What to wear at Baptism, First Communion or Confirmation

Dress Jake*S (similar    Sandal: Zara      Bag: Moschino (here) 

I was invited to a family event on last Sunday, at Protestant Evangelical Church here in Germany, “Confirmation” which is the same as “First Communion” of the Catholic Church, for those who don’t know. The Confirmed had attend a series of classes to learn about the sacrament, the faith and Christian responsabilities or catechesis. What I was told is that it’s a formal event and the men wear suits, would be daylight, so I was a little bit undecided of the outfit I would wear, but in the end, everything worked out. The worst thing is to go to an event and not be in the right clothes, isn’t it? I was not in the mood to go through this, so after talking to the family, seeing the clothes of confirmed, I already had idea of the clothes that I should use. After the church event there was a family lunch reception, so I realized that I couldn’t go as if it were for an evening event, but it also didn’t fit to go as for a wedding (at night), much less like going to a barbecue. This look that I chose and my doubts of what to wear, concerns to the events of day in churches, like baptism, first communion, confirmation. If you’re going to an event like this, which is usually by day and has clothing inquiries, what to wear, this post is for you.

These events in church: Baptism, First Communion or Confirmation it’s worth give effort to look very nice in the outfit. If you have an event like this to go and you’re in doubt about what to wear, bet on clothes not too open, that aren’t short, don’t wear sparkly clothes, also avoid strong colors, you can believe, less is more, fit light tones such as pastel, blended dark colors or single hue.

My first reference was the wives of presidents and  the British Royal Family, ahaha. Usually these women follow the elegant style and don’t tend to be vulgar or sexy. I wanted something like that, and I was lucky because I found a beautiful dress, which I loved, the german brand called Jake*S. I had no doubt that it would be perfect for the occasion, elegant and discreet. It’s not open on top, although not having sleeves is tightly closed, and the lenght is also good, because short would not match for the event. The color is perfect, I find it lovely to blend two colors into one dress. The ruffles are in fashion, just remember the fashion weeks of Paris and New York of this year. For sandal, I wanted something very stylish, it really gives my outfit an extra touch. I saw this sandal in Zara and it was first passion at first sight, ahaha. The purse, I chose this of italian brand, Moschino. The hair, didn’t do hairstyle and make up I think it also requires more discretion and naturalness. Abstract strong tones and shine in my make up. Accessories I wore my earring and pearl necklace jewelry, which I got as gift from my aunt that bought it in Japan, I think it was perfect for the look.


Fabiane Alves.



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