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Blue Striped Shirt

Blue striped shirtBlue striped shirtcamisa listrada azul listradakitten heels
Shirt: Zara (similar)    Pant:Damyller      Bag: Zara     Kitten Heel:Zara (similar)

Blue striped shirt and white, has been so “in” among fashionistas. Super used here in Europe this summer, I could not let talking about them, here in the Blog. In fact, what I feel is that the office clothes came with all the force for the current fashion, as in the chess blazer and the light blue and white striped shirt.

What has come in these light blue and white striped  shirts are the ultra-feminine details like ruffles or volume in the sleeves, like the one I’m wearing that in my opinion is what brings the charm and the chic touch on clothing. In fact, this kind of shirt fits a lot with my personal style and it was not difficult to adhere to it when I saw it in the main stores here in Europe, and in the streetstyle.

The shirt and meanly striped light blue and white for a long time gave me the impression of being a little masculine piece or that refers to work, but I can say from time to time I find it very chic, especially if we know match well feminine pieces. Today for the first time I am wearing the light blue and white striped shirt with the light blue purse which in my opinion match too much with the look because of the color tonality. And I’m also wearing the Kitten Heel, that are the shoes have returned to the top trend. Another trend I am really in love because I’ve stopped using very high heels, I just can not wear longer it anymore. Just for rare occasions. And I think for day-to-day Kitten Heels are comfortable and chic at the same time. And of course, the light blue and white striped fashions did not come with all their strength just on the shirts but they are very “in” in the Kitten Heels too, like what I’m wearing. So, has this fashion already in Brazil? If not, prepare for the spring to enjoy this trend that leaves you beautiful and chic.


Fabiane Alves.

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  1. Que look mais bonito! Adorei os tons e o sapatinho!

  2. Lindo teus looks ,jeans e camisas sempre arrasam

  3. Eu achei super lindo o seu look tem algum tempo que não uso camisas de pano mas já usei muito. Essa moda ainda não chegou aqui mas é bom saber da tendência européia.

  4. Malu says:

    Essa moda tb já chegou com tudo no Brasil! E Sim, é um look casual e chique que eu tb Adorei!
    Parabéns pelo post!