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Sport pants with heels

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Pullover: H&M (similar)          Pant: Zara (similar)             Sandal: Zara    Bag: Calvin Klein (similar)

When I saw first time, a fashion blogger wearing sport pants with heels, I found it very strange and even “ugly” to tell you the truth. But when a trend is launched in Fashion Weeks, it doesn’t take long for get fashion in the streetstyle. And after a certain reluctance, is not that I ended up finding cool this trend of sports pants with heels??

That’s why this look came in this post. In my opinion, for those who want to put on the look of sport pants with heels, the most beautiful models (of my personal taste) are pants with blue stripes, or red stripes. It looks more elegant, and machts more to use with heels. I put on this look for the coldest days, so it’s inspiring for Brazil, which is now winter. Because here in Germany is getting warmer and warmer.

The Pullover I choose to match the stripes color of the pants, I think the combination was great and I really liked the color. The heel sandal is one that I bought at Zara and it gives a fashionista appearance to any outfit, so it mix with the sport pants very well, to give the sophistication in the look. And you?? Already included sports pants with high heel in your outfit?


Fabiane Alves.



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  1. O look é lindo e fica-lhe a matar porém…eu mudaria as sandálias…talvez por umas pretas ou vermelhas e fechadas à frente ou então desse género mas sem aquela textura.