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Name necklace Carrie style

colar com nome personalizadocolar com nome personalizado de boa qualidade

Carrie, the lead character in the Sex and City serie, was a forerunner to wearing a personalized name necklace, wasn’t it? Even when I watched the series, I identified with Carrie’s style a lot (that’s when I started looking at the tulle skirts wishing), and I wanted a personalized necklace with my name too. Any fashionista in the world identifies with Carrie, and I believe that every girl who likes  more and more fashion should get what is a fashionista “stamp” for me: a personalized name necklace.

I’m in love with my custom necklace with my name, since I received it! The material is great, and whoever follow  me on Instagram saw it at Stories, how beautiful it is !! And it’s still there, you can check the highlights out of my Instagram. My name necklace is from the Soufeel brand, I was impressed when I received it, because it exceeded my expectations regarding the quality of the product, and the price is very affordable. If you are looking for a custom gold-plated name necklace that is jewelry of good quality, I highly recommend you buy the 14k gold plated necklace from Soufeel. It has no difference whatsoever from gold jewelry, looking at the naked eye but of course some cares are essences as with any other jewelry: avoid taking bath using it, pass perfume and of course wait to dry then put on the neck, etc. There are several material options with the Soufeel branded custom necklace, there is the option of also placing adornments with precious stone. On the site you can find the material information so you don’t have any doubts about what you are buying. To make it even more accessible for blog readers, I have a discount code: put Fabfg15 and you get a 15% discount on your purchase!


Fabiane Alves.


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  1. Nadja says:

    Eu tenho um prata, com uma opala bem discreta. Mas amei o seu colar, principalmente a corrente bem delicada ❤

  2. Rafaela says:

    Sempre quis ter um… Acho tão fofo!

  3. Alice Martins says:

    Olá Fabi, tudo bem?

    Seu colar é realmente muito lindo, fiquei aqui babando nele. Não conhecia a marca ainda, mas já adorei, passei no site e vi que os preços realmente são muito bons. Sempre quis um colar com meu nome, então acho que chegou a minha vez de ter um hahaha Amei a peça!


  4. Oi
    Esse tenho um colar assim personalizado com meu nome, eu super curti essa loja e recomendado muito ela é dez.