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Paris: what to do in three days

Paris is all what people talk about and a little bit more … I stayed three days in Paris few weeks ago, and I came to write this Post, so you have some idea of ​​what to do in Paris in three days
paris o que fazer em três dias

Paris has a unique atmosphere, and I’ve already “circled” the globe. I was with the person I love who made the trip even more special. Not to mention that Paris has always been my dream of travel number 1 … the fashion itself, movies like “Midnight in Paris”, “The fabulous destination of Amelie Poulain” some books of Danusa Leão or “A moveable feast” , even the history books of school have always made me dream more and more of knowing Paris … but let’s go to the Post: what to do in Paris in three days: I arrived in Paris after noon, by train, because I live in Germany, a trip that lasted three hours. Ahh how good to know that I live very close to the city of light! The hotel we chose was the Hotel Eiffel Petit Louvre, it’s just only 10 minutes walking to the Eiffel Tower. It is a great area, because it has several cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops, pharmacies, it’s great for tourist, very close to the subway too, which can do several things. We bought the Paris Visite ticket – as soon as we arrived, so we could walk freely as much as we wanted in those three days.


What to think about doing in Paris when you have the Eiffel Tower very close to you? I did not even think about going up because it would take so long and I’m really going back to Paris yet, so I plan on going up to one of the Tower restaurants next time, people say it’s one of the best in Paris, and so also enjoying the view. On this trip, I stayed crazy to take pictures with the tower, finding the best streets to have beautiful photos with the Eiffel Tower. Who does not want to do it on the first trip to Paris, doesn’t it? It was a beautiful sunny day, around 25 degrees in Paris, so besides going for a walk and taking pictures, we went to eat, and what to do if not, to have a good French snack in Paris? My request was the “Croque madame”! There is also the “Croque Monsieur” that doesn’t go egg. Guys, this snack you can find in any respectable Cafe in Paris, and if you go to Paris, you can’t miss it in those three days, you should try this French delight, which I found out in Paris:

croque madame lanche paris


What to do on the second of the three days in Paris? I woke up a bit later than planned because really, my boyfriend and I were so tired! We took advantage of the hotel’s breakfast of lots of baguette and chocolate croissant and then went to Notre Dame Cathedral. I have always dreamed of visiting the Cathedral since I watched the story of  “The hunchback of Notre Dame” ahaha. You don’t have to pay to visit the Church and I was lucky enough to have a beautiful Gregorian chant celebration, it’s in my highlight of Paris on my Instagram, then check it out. And close by is the building where Marie Antoinette was arrested before being hanged. From there, we continue to the Arc de Triomphe:
arco do triunfo e catedral de notre dame

Dinner: We went to La Gauloise which is a Michelin guide restaurant. I ordered:
Appetizer: Escargots – came 6
Main Course: Coq au vin – a classic of French cuisine, came in a pot in a quantity that could be divide, for me at least.
Dessert: Café gourmand – Why order a dessert if you can order three in one? Ahaha that’s what I did, I ordered this dessert that appeared in the menus of France, comes three desserts in small portions, the choice of the Chef. Mine was a creme brulee, an apple pie and another dessert, which looked like a sweet rice:

restaurante em paris comer escargot


We woke up early to arrive at the Louvre Museum early. There was a huge line, which would last for about two hours, but we had bought the museum tickets online, so we didn’t wait anything, we were sent to another line, where the Triangle is, and soon we were inside the Louvre Museum, incredible. Our idea of ​​what to do first: go see the Mona Lisa, and then go see what we found interesting.
When we saw the Mona Lisa we are horrified by the push of the people, everyone wanting Selfie with the painting, the impression I had is that no one appreciates art. A totally different experience was when I went to the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid. There it was forbidden to take a photo, so when I entered the room where Pablo Picasso’s Guernica was, I had that moment of shiver and emotion.
The visit at the Louvre is tiring because it’s too big, and a lot to see. We left there and went to Café Marley, in front of the Museum, near the Arc du Carrousel and Tuileries Gardens. With an elegant ambience and classic decor, this is a great place to relax, eat and take pictures on the terrace, with an area that gives you a view of the glass pyramid of the Louvre, a good place to take photos:

café marley paris
The street of Café Marly is Rivoli Street, a great place to shop, for those who don’t live in Europe: Forever 21, Zara, H & M, Pull & Bear, Sephora and so on … I did not dare to do a lot of shopping because these shops have in the city that I live in Germany, but even so I took a look at Pull & Bear that I like a lot and don’t have here. We went  eating crepes because if there is something you also can’t let to do when you are in Paris is to eat the Crepes from there.
On the evening of the last of the three days: Go to the Trocadero !! At night the view is beautiful with the tower shining and has moments that shines different, like blinker:
paris trocadero
For me Paris was amazing, walking on the Champs de Mars, Alexandre III Bridge, sitting by the Seine … watching the Eiffel Tower !! eat Escargots, Coq au vin, Croque Madame, Crepes.. Paris exude art, culture, history, fashion, the best gastronomy in the world and … happiness! Liked the Post? Do you already know Paris or are it on the wish list?

Bisous, bisous!

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  1. Apesar de “pouco tempo”, dá para aproveitar bastante da cidade! Adorei as fotos e os looks que usou! ^^

    Cores do Vício

  2. Cecilia says:

    Que sonho conhecer essa cidade ♥

  3. Nilton Alves says:

    Paris é uma cidade linda, adorei as fotos.

  4. Bem Bela says:

    Me senti em Paris lendo seu post! Espero sinceramente um dia poder conhecer e com certeza vou usar suas dicas!

  5. Paris é um país maravilhoso só em ver as fotos aqui dá uma vontade de conhecer esse lugar lindo, quantas dicas legais que você trouxe, Paris dá pra fazer muitas coisas boas, fiquei encantada com as fotos obrigada por compartilhar as dicas e esse país maravilhoso bjs.