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Lancôme Advanced Génifique Review

lancome advanced genifique resenha

I came to talk about this Lancôme Serum, the  ADVANCED GÉNIFIQUE YOUTH ACTIVATING SERUM. I’ve been using it for about five months and I want come to tell you my personal impressions in this Review. I particularly love Lancôme products because my skin is really sensitive and just with few products that my skin reacts well. I already have a skin care routine since my 19 years old, of using sunscreen and night creams. But from this year, I began to incorporate Lancôme’s serums – face and eyes.
Today the Review is just about the Advanced genifique youth activating serum. After a week my skin really got more moisturized and uniform, and over the months the radiance of the skin has increased a lot, and the texture is incredible, as I had not seen in my skin for years. In my opinion the serum ADVANCED GÉNIFIQUE YOUTH ACTIVATING works but combining it with the anti-aging cream. It is a treatment in conjunction with creams and continuous to note the results in my opinion.

lancome advanced genifique resenhaHow to use:
Just one pump in the palm of the hand to apply is enough, and distribute on the face. According to the Lancôme website, the Advanced Génifique youth activating serum,only a gout “has millions of probiotics that activate the luminosity and youth of your skin.” The correct thing is to apply the seruns first and after they dry, apply the creams on the face and eye region:
lancome advanced genifique resenhaIt matched my expectations once that my face has changed in many aspects of my skin like uniformity and texture, gave me a more “rested skin”, and as soon as I applied it dissolves and dries very well, I would not have the patience to wait so much, after dry I already apply the night creams on the face. And I realize that for the first time comes winter and I have great skin and no problem as dryness (here in Germany I’m in the fall but it would be like the winter of Brazil smile ).
In my opinion it is worth very much, and I no longer imagine my beauty routine without my seruns. The price is expensive but it lasts a lot because only one pump is needed to apply on the whole face. According to the Lancôme Website the product promises that: It repairs and activates the 10 signs of youth:
expression lines
dense wrinkles
skin uniformity
The product for me has reaching my expectations, but I don’t think it works like miracles with old wrinkles, it may be attenuated, however, combine the serum with a healthy life routine and daily skin care, works. I am satisfied according to what the brand promises. To check how apply the Lancôme Génifique Advanced Serum click here:


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  1. Bem Bela says:

    Tive a oportunidade de experimentar e ele arrasa mesmo! Sou apaixonafa pelos produtos lancome.

  2. Beatriz says:

    Adorei a qualidade do post, parabéns!! Cuidado com a pele nunca é demais, né?! Já estou ansiosa para testar!
    Beijos!! XD