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Swiss watch: Welly Merck

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I’ve always dreamed of a Swiss luxury watch, and found out Welly Merck brand watches, beautiful and luxurious,  best of all, completely affordable, much cheaper. Mine is amazing, very beautiful sapphire glass, and extremely elegant and luxurious.
Best of all is the price, which is cheaper compared to watches from other Swiss luxury brands. The Swiss watch brand Welly Merck, (today I made the post: November / 2018) it has watches that range in price from $ 89.00 dollars.
If you are looking for a really good luxury watch with Swiss movement and cheaper price, I advise you to purchase at Welly Merck. I am in love with mine and very happy to receive a product that was above my expectations in beauty, luxury and design and that is not exorbitantly expensive, as expected in Swiss watch brands.
The brand offers women’s, men’s, also accessories for watches and everything cheaper, also the option to make it personalized, for gifts and to mark important moments.
For a luxury Swiss watch is very affordable, in my opinion and cheaper, with all the qualities that the brand Welly Merck offers in its products, such as:

Swiss Movement : This means that it has a classification protected by law that the components of the movements of the part are Swiss components made in a factory in Switzerland.

Two-Hand Design: All watches are influenced by two-handed design which allows for a more elegant and sophisticated watch sampler.

Glass sapphire crystal: Practically impossible to crash.

High quality interchangeable strap: It is designed to be easily changed, allowing unique personal lifestyle.

So take advantage, if you look for a cheaper Swiss watch and still offer discount code for readers, 15% off using the code: WFabiane15 on any Welly Merck product.

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