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How to increase the numbers of your Instagram


como aumentar número de seguidores no instagram

I came here to share with you what I’ve learned to increase the number of followers in my Instagram. I would say that today having just one Blog is not enough, companies always end up heading to your Instagram, nobody will ignore this powerful Platform, which demonstrates much of your influence, so let’s go – How to increase the number of followers of organic way! have real followers, people who will engage with your content:

Building your brand: You need first of all to know what you like and how to focus on it: is it travel? cooking? fashion? games? Surely you have your knowledge and talent in some area, so build your brand on top of that. And you’ll be able to increase your number of followers on Instagram by attracting people with the same interest.

Photos: The success of Instagram is the sharing of photos, it means, it’s very visual, so if you want to see your number of followers on Instagram increase, you have to lovely done in the photos that post. There are several app. you can use to enhance your photos, at the moment my favorites are Facetune, YouCam Makeup, and I’ll join VSCO. Do not forget to leave your photos full of your personality.

Videos: Nowadays, people are unfortunately reading less and with less patience for this, seeking the information in quick time, so the success of Stories on Instagram, which gives you information in 15 seconds, and it seems to me that it is really the trend of the future, this information in quick time. So invest in the Stories on the Instagram, because this generates an involvement with whoever follows you, and if you end up showing good your personality, people will always want to see more content and end up getting more involved.

Changes: If you want to increase the number of followers on Instagram, you may need to make changes to your own account. It is not necessary to create a new one. I deleted old posts that did not have much to do with my theme or were very personal, and I moved to a Commercial Account that Instagram itself has this feature. Through a business account you can connect it with the Facebook Fan Page, for example, this feature will also bring metrics about your Instagram account, which is very useful to have this information to understand your audience, such as best times to post.

Get Engaged: If you want to see the number of Instagram followers increase, you need to engage with your audience. Commenting, liking photos of them and even following them back, will make your audience feel closer to you. I saw several profiles that I interacted with indicating myself in their Stories, and one of them from Italy, made me win around an hour, 600 followers, all Italians.

Hashtags: Always post hashtags on your photos, this will make people with the same interests as you, find you! Some people say that you should not post the hashtags in the photos, but in the comment of your own photo, I don’t know. But I always use hashtags in my Instagram photos. Around 10 is enough already, and you can also create your own hashtag, which people can follow.

Anyway, these are my tips on how to increase the number of followers of your Instagram, remember that the number itself is not so important, with this easy way to buy followers easy at any time. To increase the number of followers in Instagram in an organic way, it is necessary dedication, attention, follows who follow you, post beautiful photos, write good texts (I always write in two languages ​​- Portuguese and English), leave your feed full of your personality, post often – so you will be found by more people, and have patience because it’s a job that grows over time.

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