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Cropped jumpsuit: how to wear

macacão Pantacourt macacão Pantacourt como usar macacão pantacourt macacão                                     Cropped jumpsuit: Pop me (similar)   Acessories: Swarovski

Cropped has come into fashion to stay, whether in the model pants or overalls. The truth is that I was crazy about a jumpsuit and I found this gorgeous “Pop me” brand that fell perfect on me. I came to give you tips today on how to wear the cropped jumpsuit in a “night” look. My cropped jumpsuit is a model that falls super good for the day but with some key pieces it super combines for a night “look” too, like the one I wear. I just put on a high-heeled sandal with a glitter and a crochet bag, both in the golden tones, and I thought it really gave a super glamorous look to the evening. My sandal is wide open, leaving the shins on, so it’s a way of wearing cropped overalls looking slimmer.

I was not much of a fan of this trend, but I confess that it conquered me, for the comfort and practicality of the outfit. I am loving this wave of comfortable clothes and the Cropped jumpsuit is super comfortable, and leaves the look very elegant. Not to mention that there are numerous ways to wear Cropped jumpsuits, ranging from a casual look, from work to a more chic and formal look.


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