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How much costs a student exchange in Germany

quanto custa intercâmbio de 1 ano na Alemanha

I am living in Germany and have issued the Intensive German course student visa, you can extend depending on the case. But today I came to write how much it costs a 1 year of student exchange in Germany, to live here and to study the language. This post is for those who plan to spend a year studying in Germany and learning the language. It is not how much it costs for work visa, only student visa.

The embassy itself requires a certain amount of money that you have to prove you have, to stay 1 year in Germany as a student of intensive Idiom course, when you apply for the visa, not to mention numerous documents …. but in this post I’ll limit myself to just talking about the costs,right?

The embassy demands that you prove you have the sum of 8,640 euros, for the costs of living 1 year in Germany, for one year, as a student of Intensive Idiom course. This amount revolves around R $ 38,880 with the exchange rate of the euro today varying by 4.5.

However, this money is limited to your monthly allowance in 12 months, which would be 720 euros per month. This money will have to be transferred to a German representation in Brazil (everything that is indicated by the Embassy is safe), like the Fintiba for example, and then arriving in Germany, you open an account here in the banks that it is possible to open “blocked account “. For student, that is, when you transfer your money to the German Bank, you will have access to the money, receiving in your account 720 euros per month, in the period of 12 months = 1 year.

And that’s the whole cost of live as a student exchange in Germany for 1 year? Certainly not. This is the money you have to prove you have to the embassy to keep living here in one year, but there are other costs that I will list here:

Air tickets: One way ticket and also return, after all, if you intend to stay only one year studying, and if you come with the money counted, no extension forecast, save money for it.
Estimated cost from São Paulo to Frankfurt, two tickets, round trip = R $ 5,500.

Travel to the embassy city that issues the visa: If you do not live in the city that issues the visa, in Brazil it’s in some capitals, you have to travel to the place to apply for the visa and still come back depending on some wrong document, or another situation.
Estimated cost: transportation, food, staying= depending on where you live from R$ 350 to R$ 1,000.

Paying documents: You will have to shell out to pay for documents that the Embassy requires,also a fee to get the visa, and are not cheap at all. Sworn translations, and other procedures in Notary’s Office …
Estimated cost: R $ 2,000

Health Insurance in Germany: It is mandatory, and you will have to buy yours and show at the German Embassy. Only with him, will you get your visa.
Estimated cost: R $ 3,600.00

An extra guarantee: My health insurance, which is compulsory in Germany, works as follows: I pay the doctor, hospital, etc., and send the vouchers to my health insurance here, which gives me the reimbursement. It is good to have a separate amount for this because the repayment can take a few months.
Estimated guarantee: R $ 4,500.00 equivalent to one thousand euros.

Language School: You have to separate money to pay your German courses here. After all, you will not be able to take out of your allowance that is the monthly costs of housing, food, transportation. Not to mention that the courses are expensive so leave yourself apart this money too!
Estimated cost: In Germany I didn’t see cheap courses, intensive courses of 3 months, the most cheaper I know is 430 euros, then a year, four courses = R $ 7,640.00 considering the cheaper.

Estimated total = R$ 63,120.00

Totalizing everything, it revolves around at least R $ 63,120 the value that costs a 1 year exchange in Germany, to learn the language by taking Intensive German courses. This is the minimum estimated amount, of course it may vary for more, depending on which school you choose.

Remember that to acquire this visa you have to be enrolled in Intensive course which is 4 hours every day at school, then in a year studying, at the intermediate level you arrive,that can learn the language. But it all depends on the student too, this is something very personal.

This cost is estimated for a 1-year exchange in Germany.

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  1. É um investimento alto, mas para quem busca e tem essas condições, vale muito a pena!
    Alemão é um idioma que eu morro de vontade de aprender! xD

    Cores do Vício