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How to be more productive

como ser mais produtiva

Being more productive is a challenge with so many distractions within reach like Instagram, Facebook, Netflix and others. So if you need to be more productive on a day-to-day basis and you need to be more productive in your studies and still have to deal with other parallel tasks, I’ll give you some tips on what has worked for me.

REST: The first of these is to separate enough hours of sleep that do not leave you as a zombie during the day. Minimum of eight hours of sleep is sufficient and super healthy. So prioritize your rest first if you want to be more productive in day-to-day and studies.

HOME OFFICE: Separating a place of study or work is paramount to be more productive. A comfortable, quiet environment helps you stay focused.

HOUSEWORK TASKS: I as a good housewife, I do not neglect the organization of my house. One day of the week gets separated for cleaning and cooking food. I cook and freeze a lot of food for the week, so I spend the rest of the week dedicating myself to digital content and my studies (in my case the German language), without spending much time on household chores and being more productive on other days of the week .

TIME MANAGER APPLICATION: I’m using Time Track and I’m loving it. It is very simple to use and there you set your goals to make your day very productive, for example: 8 hours of study, 5 hours of work at home, 2 of entertainment …. and so on. And it records the reports of how much you did in the day, how many hours it was missing … like here in the photo for example. It can be downloaded by Google Play at no cost. This application has greatly changed my productivity in studies. Now I do not get distracted by other tasks, because I want the goals I set for studies at the end of the day to be in the day’s report as fulfilled.
aplicativo ser mais produtivo

TAKE BREAKS: If you do not take time after a few well-studied hours, you can no longer absorb the content well. Have a coffee, walk around the house, check the Instagram (but do not stay hours) and go back to study. 15 or 20 minute break already get you speed up to studies, or work activity.

These are my tips on how to be more productive, and what has worked for me! I hope you enjoy it and feel free to share!


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