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How to do partnership in the beginning of Blog


como consegui fazer parcerias no início do Blog

The reason I’m writing this post is to inspire you to also gain something from your social networks. Since I started blogging and investing more in my social networks, I’ve already gotten return with three months of work. 🙂

I really did not expect any return in my first half year of Blog, that I would make partnerships. So what I’m going to write in this post is to demystify a series of concepts that we have regarding bloggers and partnerships and how I earned R $ 1,317.70 (US$ 330,00) in partnerships in my first semester of Blog.

First, when I say invest in my partner networks , I mean to buy good photo editing applications, courses on how to grow on social networks and on the Blog, watch many videos on the topic and read a lot too.

There are two types of advertising for bloggers you may have heard of :

Permutation and Publipost:

Permutation: The company sends the product to the blogger, and she then makes a Post (be it on the Blog or social network), talking about the subject, bringing visibility to the brand.

Publipost: The company pays to be made the post (Blog or social network), and the blogger shows the product, gives their opinion about it, bringing visibility to the brand and influencing people to buy it. However, it is worth remembering that only if it is the true opinion of the blogger, never put your credibility at risk.

There are also other monetization options, such as the company paying in cash or products, to place a banner on your Blog, for example. Not to mention Affiliate Marketing. But in this post I will just say of the partnerships I made, being Permutation or Publipost.

How I started Blogging:

After I had already traveled to 35 countries, I read a report from a travel entrepreneur who was gaining a lot of followers on the Instagram because of the travel photos of her. It was then that I had the idea to blog, after all my family and friends always asked to see the travel photos and listen to my travel stories. I could only do it as a hobby but I chose to make a professional Blog from the beginning with the intention to make it profitable.

I thought that I would have to spend the first year of blogging without gaining anything. I had read a lot about it before and what the bloggers say is that they spent a lot of time without gaining anything, until the first partnerships, the first works started to appear. Another thought I had was that only after having at least 10k followers on Instagram would I have any chance of partnering with the companies.

I had less than 3k followers on Instagram when I started my Blog and only three months of Blog when I got my first partnership 😉 

What I had read, really makes sense, because things take a while to happen, I mean, make money with internet to remain finalcially. But with me, with only three months of Blog appeared the first company to partner, and soon, began to appear more work, to my surprise! Everything I thought about when I started blogging I came to find out after I was wrong.

My mistaken thoughts:

  • I need to have at least one year of blog for the companies wanting to do publi and I start to win something.
  • I need to have more of 10k on Instagram to start doing publi.

What really happened:

  • I had only three months of Blog when the first company contacted me for partnership.
  • I was less than 5k on Instagram when companies came up that wanted me to partner with them in Instagram.
How I managed to win in partnerships R $ 1,317.70 in the first half of Blog:

I believe this happened in my Blog and in my Instagram, for several reasons:

Companies have changed the way of thinking. In the old days it appeared that numbers of followers on Instagram, for example, were the main reason why companies wanted to partner only with large-number’s bloggers, and that number did not exactly mean that there would be a purchase of the product.

Already Instagram with micro influencers are closer to your audience, but may have great power to influence the purchase of the product by their followers. Who starts, starts as a micro-influencer. And companies are starting to want to partner with micro-influencers.

Another issue is the engagement of your account. It’s no use having a hundred thousand, millions of followers and the number of likes ones not being compatible with the account. A good engagement average is one that stays between 8% and 10%, less of that is somewhat doubtful. And my Instagram account fits that requirement.

Photos and Videos: Pictures must be well edited, and one has to have a certain ability to speak in front of the camera. Do not be embarrassed, start talking and making your videos, the more you talk in front of the camera, the more you think it’s normal and it will acquire natural development. I didn’t have the nimbleness at first, but I started to make my Stories talking to the camera, and when it was to do for the companies I had already acquired a certain resourcefulness.

Develop a good job: Since my first partnership, I delivered all the requests and would say that I did a little more until what the company asked for. So when you get the first opportunities, grab and leave portfolio on your profile, so other companies will see how you work, and will have confidence in developing a partnership with you too.

Be honest: You can not accept everything. When you realize that the proposal has nothing makes sense to do for you, or the style of the brand is not to your personal taste, best not to accept. Do not run away from your reality, your audience can perceive. Always be yourself.

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  1. Muito bacana sua história com o blog e as parcerias. É isso mesmo, é agarrar a oportunidade e dar o seu melhor!

  2. Joana Darc says:

    Parabéns pelo post 😉 eu costumo fazer mais permuta, mas as vezes faço Publipost. Ainda não vivo do blog mas quem sabe um dia…