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Travel Diary – Germany

Dom Cologne Germany Dom Cologne church Dom Interior ColognePortão Brandenburg berlim memoriaal aos judeus mortos europaDresden Alemanha Dresden inverno Muro de Berlim
This trip to Germany was two years ago, the first time I visited the country and I knew it would be the country which I would be coming soon to live in.

What I loved the most was the Cathedral – Dom in Cologne, where I live today. The architecture and beauty of the Church is to be dazzled, and I did the tours to visit the Museum (in the church underground) and climb up the tower also. It is in this Church that are the remains of the three wise men.

I also visited Dresden and Berlin, which are beautiful cities! Berlin I went to the Reischstag, Holocaust – Mahnmal, Brandenburg Gate, and of course the Berlin Wall.

Dresden is very beautiful but it was very cold and I only stayed one day … I walked the whole city in the tourist area, I went in the Zwiger – A palace in baroque construction, with huge garden…

On this trip I had a prophecy … I would be very happy if I would live here and really the prophecy was fulfilled 😀

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  1. Vera says:

    Nunca estive na Alemanha, mas é um dos lugares que está na lista para ir um dia! E as suas imagens só me deram mais vontade de visitar!