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Why you shouldn’t use content aggregator on your Blog

why you should not use content aggregator on your blog

Is it worth using Content Aggregator on the Blog?

Content aggregators are very interesting for every begginer blogger. Bloggers, after all, write because they want to have a loyal audience, to read and follow their blog, right?

Well, and the aggregators of content for Blogs, make the bloggers dream come true, even I with a month of Blog, had eight thousand visits to my Blog in just one day. But was this good for my Blog? Is it worth using Content Aggregator just to promote and leverage the audience of your Blog?

I have a year of Blog and for me it was very clear. Not worth it. Content aggregator can bring you ten, twenty thousand visits in a day, but these visits do not have quality.

I had read about content aggregator, and was aware that several people with good blogs, did not recommend, but had to have my experience: 🙄


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Why not use content aggregator:

It doesn’t loyalty readers:

First, view numbers does not mean you will have those readers loyal. They are just strolling through the content aggregator site, clicking on your link, reading the content and not coming back. They forget about your Blog.

Increase bounce rate:

This greatly increases the bounce rate on your Blog because they are readers who only read the post they clicked on, do not go to other pages of your Blog, do not interact, just go there to increase bounce rate because they just came only to read the post they were interested in.

It makes trouble in your ranking on Google:

Yes, using content aggregator makes it very difficult to rank on the first pages of Google. All your work on your post (your search, your image editing, your SEO work), all this will go down when you place your post in the content aggregator.

That’s because these sites can appear with your Post on the first page of Google when someone searches on the topic, rather than your Blog appear on the first page. It’s like you worked for free on the websites of others and not yours.

If you mislead yourself with the result of your work:

Using Content Aggregator can make yourself have wrong understand with the result of your work and not focus on what should be focused. For example, with your blog’s high view numbers, you may think you’re on the right way, but you’re not.

These views come from disinterested people, so if you do not continue to share your content on those content aggregator sites, those numbers will disappear.

Content Aggregator blocks your Blog development:

Since you do not have loyal readers and people who like your real content, you will not be able to develop your work as a blogger.

To be a successful blogger you need to have your audience. They are the ones who will be returning to your Blog, who will like your content and who may be future clients.

They are the ones who will buy something on your Blog when you indicate why they trust you. Without loyal readers, without having your audience set up, all your work on your Blog will be stale.

How engage my Blog then?

Launch your Blog through more reliable tools. This will definitely give you more work, but if you want to succeed with your Blog you will have to work hard.

The best traffic to a Blog is organic when it comes through search engines such as Google for example.

Other tools can help you to retain loyal readers, such as social networks such as Pinterest, or Guest Post on other blogs, references to your Blog link as well.

My advice is: if you want to be successful with your Blog, do not use content aggregators.

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