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How to gain loyal followers in Instagram

I will share with you my methods for attracting faithful followers to my Instagram. Nowadays, we know that many people follow the profile waiting to be followed back, to then give “unfollow”.

Without saying such “I follow back” they are people who will be just like numbers and will not be really interested in your content. Instagram has changed, comments are as or more important than likes. So it is important for your account to profile, engage and possess a loyal following whether you have own Blog, Store or want to be Instagrammer.

Here are my tips on how I did to grow my Instagram and attract loyal followers, it will certainly serve to to help you:

how to get loyal followers in instagram

Instagram with Niche:

If you want to grow on Instagram, you need to have a well-defined niche. If you want like sharing your lifestyle, great. It is very successful in Instagram but have well edited photos, after all Instagram is first and foremost a photo application. So the visual counts the most. Find your niche first and work with your Instagram on top of that niche.

Bio well defined:

Having a Bio is key to attracting new visitors and having those visitors as loyal followers. Make sure you have a complete Bio, describing what you do, location, email and address of your website, your page, or if you do not have any of that, of your Facebook Fanpage so people can knowing more about your work.

Attracting loyal followers:

Interacting with other users’ accounts is the most important way to attract loyal followers. In addition to that you end up making friends and interact with profiles of the same interests as yours, or people who like your content. Take one time a day, for example, to like photos of your colleagues (especially those who enjoy your photos), these people are active users. Comment, like their photos, follow back, and show that you reciprocate people’s attention. They will feel always like doing the same.

Do not buy followers:

Just to illustrate, when I see an Instagram account with 100k and less than 200 likes in the photos, it doesn’t have to be a genius to guess … the person bought followers! it is not possible to have an account with 100k of followers to have so little engagement.

Nowadays the number of followers does not mean big thing, it is better to grow in Instagram organically, posting cool, well edited photos, having interesting content to share that try to do account for people believe, in other words, for companies, that you have a large audience. An Instagram account should have between 6% and 10% of engagement, so companies want to work with Instagrammer, even if it does not have a large number of followers.

Buy tools that boost your account:

Tools that drive your Instagram is not the same as buying followers. So, they are tools that will help you get real followers. They will comment and enjoy photos of other users that making these users find your account.

You can configure by location, hashtags, people who follow profiles with the same niche as yours. It is very useful, because to win real followers, you have to spend time interacting and if you do not have the time to spend, these tools do it for you.

As examples there are Socialgram, Bume, Gerenciagram, Instaeasy … I’ll be sincere, these tools help a lot but sometimes they are always liking and commenting on the photos of users, you can get blocked in Instagram, to enjoy photos of others, as this continuous action can be interpreted as spam by Instagram. Take a few weeks if this happens, and re-use but if it is being blocked too much, better suspend it for longer until back.

Have application to detect the ghost followers:

At first ghost followers are people who have false profile, are the colleagues of the ” I follow back”, or users who happen to follow your account, with the unique purpose of making you follow them, and as soon yoy do it they unfollow you.

If so, use an application that detects who stopped following you and you can go leaving to follow through a list of people. This app is useful, after all, Instagram has a limit of people that you can follow and better clean people who are not following you and begin to follow who will really like your content. I suggest the “Follower Insight” app, it has many advertisements, but it is very useful.

Use good photo applications:

I use three photo applications for my Instagram, and I highly recommend it. If you are always up to date person, you may have heard of them:

  • Facetune
  • Lightroom
  • VSCO

These applications are what every blogger uses and there is no more secret. Do not know how to use them and find the ideal photo edition? Want faster results? So I suggest buying a “preset” which is a ready issue. There are several people selling presets, you find it easily online and you can already use for all your photos. So you do not have to always edit photos, or study until you find the right edition.

What is presets:

Presets is a certain position of all or some of the sliders in the Lightroom application. It is when a photo is edited and is in the person’s taste, and already serves as the standard for future photos. It helps a lot who does not know about photo editing and needs a quick result in Instagram itself (bloggers, influencers, online store, e-commerce, etc). It’s like a filter you can use in your edit. I recommend the Photonify website, which has free presets.

Use mount applications:

These applications already give a preview of how your feed will look. It’s important to worry about the feed, after all many people follow others on Instagram because of the beautiful feed, and I’m one of them. Something that is crucial for me to follow someone on Instagram is a beautiful feed. Use apps, like UNUM, in which you do a simulation of the photos you will post and already know how your feed will look. It’s also a way to get organized in your future posts.

Make use of Hashtags:

Do not come up with this story that using hashtags is tacky. If you want to increase the number of your Instagram followers and have faithful followers, it’s best to start using hashtags. In addition, many people can find your profile like this, hashtags were created to be used, you only have to earn when using hashtags.

Work good content and become reference:

When you are passionate about a subject, it is not like work, but as a pleasure, is not it? Be professional with what you are passionate about, and do everything to become a reference in the subject, even if it requires a lot of study and dedication. One time people recognize your work, and the return comes naturally.

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