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Design: The importance of Blog’s Layout

design: layout para blogs

The Importance of Layout for Blogs:

Something that is as important as the content of a Blog, is its appearance. This applies not only to the Web world when I refer to the importance of layout for blogs, but in other everyday situations, right? When we go to a restaurant, a Café, we want a beautifully designed environment, to feel comfortable and feel like staying. If it’s a dirty environment with old objects, we will feel uncomfortable and want to find another place … Well it is, the same happens on the Web, when you read a Blog with a beautiful layout or not. If we come across a slow, messy site, a layout nothing possible to see clear, we will certainly leave the page and look for another one that makes us want to stay. So content is important but as important as is the Layout of your Blog!

So, I came to talk about the importance of having a beautiful Layout for your Blog. It needs to reflect its theme, its content and be within what is trend today. Yes, there is a tendency for the Blog layout! The world of the internet is constantly changing. Who reads blogs since 2010 or so, will remember how they were … full of interactions, strong colors, many gifts and lots of visual information … but if you kept reading Blogs, realized that Blogs with clean design is the current trend. There is a need, I would say, of the reader’s experience being as simplified as possible, and this is only allowed with a clean design.


Contrary to what many people think, a clean design does not mean an all white design. Clean is when the colors are combined in a harmonic way making it clearer on interfaces. Clean from English, means wipe. And a good ordering of spaces, organization of content, having only what is necessary makes it a clean site.

Have you’ve heard of Staaliches-Bauhaus? It was a school of design, fine arts and avant-garde architecture in Germany founded in 1919. It was it, who revolutionized modern design and brought in the “clean” having influences for example in the design of the products of “Apple’s” company, in the Brazilian city of “Brasilia” and finally, in Web Design itself.

Attributes of a website to be Clean:

  • It does not have to be necessarily white, but have a color palette that makes it harmonic.
  • It needs to be responsive, that is, it needs to be easy reading and browsing on different mobile devices like mobiles, tables and desktops.

So a guarantee of success for your Blog is a clean design, harmonious with your content. You already know that you should not skip this step in creating your Blog. If you have a Blog and do not think it is so clean so, and easy to navigate to your reader, better review that part. It took me a while to find my preferred layout … Always put yourself in the reader’s place and think: If I were dropped here on my site, would I want to stay? Sometimes we want to read the content but we give up because we think: “reading here is very difficult”.


Now that you know you need to have an easy navigation layout, where the reader easily finds what he wats, let’s talk about blogs. There are free themes in the market but they are usually with few customization options, problems, and can leave your Blog with a non-professional look. A paid theme will bring rewards as a professional aspect, convey credibility, improve navigation, etc. To have a profitable Blog, you need to invest in it.

By investing in a paid theme, you make your Blog more attractive and more professional.

Paid themes for you to choose:

Theme Forest
Mooz Themes
Video Board Theme

You must think that if you want return in your Blog, you will need to invest in it, moreover it’s your company.

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