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How to gain money with Instagram without be Influencer

Today I came to talk about how to make money with Instagram without being influencer.

When we talk about monetization in Instagram, we  just think about the Influencers, but there is not only this way of making money with Instagram.

That Instagram brought a new profession, everyone knows. ..the Influencer, although this has already begun with the Bloggers before.

But many people started to make  really success when was in Instagram, without having Blog becoming then Instagrammer or Influencer because after all, Blogger is who has Blog 🙄 

If you do not like appear in photos, or you do not have the nimbleness to talk to the cameras, but you want to gain money with the application without be Influencer in Instagram, the good news is that it has field for everyone 🙂

Here some tips how to get money in Instagram without be Influencer:

how to gain money with instagram without be influencer

Working with divulgation:

This was pretty new for me, and I did not even think there were people making money that way.

 But after I watched a video of a girl named Thais Butler, who works with Digital Marketing and get money with Instagram, working with “Divulgation” I discovered that there is this way to make money.

 According to her, today is the only work of her to work with Instagram, but she is not influencer.

She sells “off “follower packages for bloggers, however they are people with 100% real, and already got in a month eight thousand reais only with divulgation.

The work consists in selling “divulgation” to influencers, promising to reach an X number of followers for these accounts, through the work of divulging this accounts.

The differential, according to Thaís is that they are followers of real accounts, is not the same as buying, which gives a great job to achieve this number of followers for customers, so the value be high.

 Create apps:

There are a lot of people earning a lot of money in creating websites and apps to help people boost Instagram.

These apps were thought of (or not) in Instagram but are making a success because of the photo sharing app.

 As an example we have:

  •  Instaeasy (created by a Brazilian) and similar,
  • Photo Edits,
  • Video Creations for the Stories,
  • Collage

And the list is big, all doing sucess a lot because of Instagram.

Sell photos:

The search for professional photos has increased a lot because of the creators of content and even for those who want to highlight Instagram with beautiful photos.

If you know how to make well thought out and elaborate photos, type “magazine editorial” it’s time to do money with your photos.

 Some sites you can sell your photos:

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