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What is the best college course for Bloggers?

what is the best course college for bloggers

The best college course to work as a Blogger:

It’s time for your college entrance exam, your parents want you to choose a course to do, and you do not know which course to do, because you already decided that you want to be a blogger!

So come on, blogs and bloggers came up in a very recent time, so there is not a course in college to be a blogger right?

A recent “Digital Influencer” course was offered by the Brazilian University Center (Unibra) in Recife (PE) and the “Centro Universitário Belas Artes in São Paulo” offers a two-year course on “Social Digital Media” for those who want to be a blogger, but I assure you that if you choose another course more stabilized in the market, it can also prepare you very well to be a professional Blogger and / or Youtuber.

University Courses that contribute to become Blogger:


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Radio and TV:

“The course prepares the professional to act in the production and broadcast of television and radio programs. Almost everything you can imagine as necessary for a show to air as well as the radio or TV station itself, It is also possible to define the vignettes and the sounds that will make the ambience and the track of the program. Their tasks focus on the organization of the daily life of these communication agencies, from the technical infrastructure – sound, lighting, editing of programs – to the choice, production and direction of pictures or programs. ” (Source:

The course focuses on everything that a Youtuber needs to know how to do, it is clear that depending on the Youtuber niche it needs to know other areas, too. For example, if you talk about fashion, food, sports … but a real Youtuber with graduation in Radio and TV will do very well in the Youtube area because the course it’s everything that a Youtuber needs to know how to do in practice.


Many of a journalist’s assignments, means the person will have to learn how to create, develop, and care for website maintenance. What super contributes fot those who wants to be a blogger. In fact, learning how to edit videos, write, create scripts, know how to shoot, is everything the journalism student learns and is very useful in the life of a Blogger or Youtuber.

Web Design:

Design and develop interface for social media. In this learning the Web Designer will know everything that a Blogger has to do with her Blog to Layout, insert codes, all the creation of the site is in the control the Blogger, instead of delegating to others this task, which makes a lot of autonomy in the Blogger’s site.


The professional photographer will learn the various digital technologies of image manipulation and treatment, which will be very useful in the life of an Instagrammer, because Instagram is completely visual, and what most important in the platform is the photographs quality.

To be a successful professional:

Actually being Blogger / Youtuber / Instagrammer, is a job that get developing in practice … but surely these courses can help you a lot in everything a Blogger does, how to write well, create projects for the Web , edit photos and videos, speak well, handle edits tools, these courses can give you a super professional basis of these tasks.

It’s worth remembering that being Digital Influencer, or a content producer / Youtuber, are unregulated and highly competitive professions, so if you choose one of these courses, you may well choose between being in a formal market and in parallel with your own digital activities, which may be a good option for a begginer in the area.

Another good guarantee to choose a more stabilized course in the area is that these platforms are not 100% safe for a professional because you never know what new digital platform can arise and the public to migrate. Therefore, having a degree in a course that offers you other alternatives is much safer. Successful bloggers did not succeed immediately, all had other parallel work at the outset. Just see the Biography of the most famous bloggers today.


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