I’m Fabiane Alves, world citizen.

I love art, culture, style, fashion, trends, travels, designs, books, illustrations – and inspirations.

I am Brazilian, descendant of Japanese (father’s family), graduated Bachelor in Tourism at one State University in Brazil. I really enjoy studying and learning new languages, at moment I’m struggling to learn my fourth language: German. I also found myself in the digital area and I am doing specialization in Website Programming 🙂

After my graduation, and a life of hard work, adventures and travels, I settled down in Germany for an obvious reason: my love is German and he’s brought me.

One year after I graduated, I was already working as civil servant, and stability didn’t mean much to me, even in an unstable country like Brazil. I was unsatisfied with the salary and the fact that I didn’t have a career plan, so I quit this job and went to work traveling. It was the best thing I did in my life!

I was always passionate about traveling, and I managed to accomplish my dream of traveling the world, in 2014 when I first traveled abroad to work, being 35 countries that I know today. And it was from then on that I managed to achieve other dreams, like speaking fluent English, to learn another new language – currently the German, to live in Germany and diverse other things.

After I traveled abroad a lot, I felt like sharing trips and experiences.

At the beginning the Blog was about my travels, but with the advent of my postgraduate course in the Web area and my passion today for the digital world, the Blog has the niche of helping other girls who want to be Bloggers. When I started, I did not know anything, but I’ve learned a lot and I want to help people who are walking the same way.

About Blogosphere: Here in my Blog!
About my Lifestyle: Follow on me in Instagram: @fabiane.alves.blog and Youtube.

Welcome to this space, I hope you enjoy it and feel inspired too!


mapa personalizado de viagem

I’ve been in 35 countries of United Nations (18.1%) of a totally 193.